Dan is a licensed therapist with over 25 years experience dedicated to wellness and healing through world-class therapy. He is well versed in multiple healing modalities, and has performed over 110,000 treatments that were personalized to individual’s needs, experience levels and goals. Dan is very proud of 12 seasons and 4 Championships as team therapist with the Chicago Wolves Hockey Team. He also is a teacher and educator and treats any general to specific health condition that may be causing pain or dysfunction in the physical body. Dan is an expert at correcting neck and lower back issues as well as systemic chronic and acute conditions….Dan succeeds where all else fails!



My mission is to provide the most effective massage therapies to each person, and to increase their overall health and well-being, every time they visit.



To achieve my mission for your health and well-being, I promise the following:

  • Attentive Listening and Communications

    I will always listen to you and your needs, and communicate clearly with you. I value your time spent with me to work towards and accomplish your goals.

  • Collaborative, Professional and Personalized Treatment

    Together, we will discuss the massage therapies best for helping you achieve your personal health and wellness goals. You will always participate in your healing process.

  • Excellence in Multiple Therapies

    Healing and massage therapy is not 'one size fits all.' I have dedicated my life to developing excellent skills in multiple massage therapies. Therefore, I can meld two or more massage therapies together to help you achieve your unique health goals.

  • Peaceful and Safe Space

    You will always find the massage rooms to be clean, quiet, peaceful and stress-free. I will always respect and care for your dignity, privacy and personal comfort. Thank you for trusting me to provide outstanding massage therapies to you each and every time you visit.

  • Sincerely,
    Daniel R. McKenzie