Julie J. - Hinsdale


Back in early 2014 I had begun experiencing all sorts of nerve issues in my arms and hands – and then terrible pain in my shoulders. After medical testing it was discovered that I had a herniated disc in my neck that was pressing on my spinal cord. I had surgery in early December 2014 – an anterior discectomy with fusion (C5/C6) and a couple of bone spurs filed down.

In advance of surgery I began receiving standard physical therapy, and also began receiving clinical massages with Dan McKenzie. This was to help loosen muscles in my neck and help me gain back some flexibility and strength in my shoulders so that my recovery would be easier.

Thank goodness I did it! 6 weeks after surgery I went back to PT, and to Dan for clinical massages. And, I have to say that without the clinical massages with Dan, I would not have made as much progress as I have in my recovery. PT is an important element in recovery – but I believe the clinical massages I received from Dan made the biggest impact on my recovery.

Dan is an intuitive masseur and knows his stuff! I really feel at ease with him – he is warm, friendly, and respectful. I plan to continue receiving maintenance clinical massages with Dan to help keep me healthy.

Thank you Dan – I feel like I have a new lease on life because of you!


Nathan: Scientist, Amateur competitive cyclist & triathlete, Category 2 USAC Cyclocross, 9th place age group finish, 2014 Ironman 70.3 Kansas, Top 10% age group & overall finish, 2014 Ironman Madison


I came to Dan in pretty rough shape last year (2014), with almost debilitating IT band pain while

deep into an Ironman training plan. Although it was painful for both of us, Dan was able to help

me keep training while I worked to correct the source of my injury (muscle imbalance and form

issues) through physical therapy. From there, it was a process of “peeling the onion,” as Dan

likes to call it: breaking through layers of tight, scarred muscle tissue from nearly half a lifetime

of competitive endurance sports. I’ve been incorporating yoga, stretching and foam rollers into

my training programs for many years, and now I cannot imagine training and competing without

Dan as part of that regimen also. I’ve tried other massage therapists in the past, but none with

Dan’s results. What he may be reluctant to tell you at first is the incredible volume and range of

his experience working with the human body. He is so intuitive and observant, he continues to

find and release issues I am often not even aware of myself. The results are obvious in my

strength and endurance training, yoga sessions, and my life in general! As a competitive cyclist

and triathlete with a very active life, I may be an extreme case of what I ask of my body and the

stress I put it through. I can attest to the fact that Dan is able to match that intensity with his

therapy, while also adjusting with my training cycles throughout the year to meet me where I’m

at in every session. Based on many hours spent on his table and talking to him, I am also

confident recommending him to others coming from any level of intensity, and that through his

approach and philosophy, he is able to adjust and meet the needs of every client individually.


Julia M. - Glen Ellyn


I had incessant back pain that my chiropractor and his massage therapist could not relieve after numerous appointments. A friend recommended Dan McKenzie and after 2 sessions of deep tissue therapy, I was pain – free. Dan is very knowledgeable and professional. Every member of his staff is pleasant, helpful, and courteous. My husband and I have recommended Dan to several of our friends, all of whom have become regular clients.

May P. - Glen Ellyn


Dan does an excellent job of deep tissue massage. He is extremely knowledgeable about the body and knows how to work out sore spots. Professional, courteous, on-time.

Sandy F. - Lombard


I have been a client of Dan McKenzie, the owner of Center for Advanced Muscle Therapy, for many years and have been very happy with his deep tissue work. Dan is truly an expert at what he does and each time I get a massage, I am amazed at his depth of knowledge and ability. He is very professional, punctual and receptive to feedback.